Friday, March 11, 2011

Cluttered free.

I like that feeling where I get rid of a few things I don't actually need in life. I've saved a few writings about a few people and reading over them, amazes me. I'm actually surprised that I've had a different mentality with people, back then. I've grown accustomed to a few and suddenly watched them walk out. I've held onto things that reminded me of them because well, that was all I was left with. I was only left with memories, simple things that reminded me of them.

There's only a time that you can move on and put the past behind you. I've cleaned my mind, I've fixed up the clutter that constantly kept nagging me and my every thought. It's as if the pain I once felt that was put upon my shoulders was suddenly gone.

There are times where I would still remember, where I would look at one thing and be reminded of a certain person. I say I'll put the past behind me but, it won't hurt me to look back every now and then. Especially when it made me into the person I am today. I didn't say I will throw away the memories nor the past, I'll just simply put it back out of my reach.

Cluttered free feelings.

I'm cluttered free. My mind can finally breathe.